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Did this book cover design for school.

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Calling all Willamette Stone groupies! We’ve just released four song clips from the #IfIStay band. NOTE your favorite track. The one with the most votes will be released in full this FRIDAY!

Listen to I WANT WHAT YOU HAVE: http://bit.ly/IWantWhatYouHave

Listen to NEVER COMING DOWN: http://bit.ly/NeverComingDown

Listen to MIND: http://bit.ly/WillametteStoneMind

Listen to HEARTLIKEYOURS: http://bit.ly/HeartLikeYours

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Anonymous whispered . . .
Do you ship Serena and Dan or Serena and Nate

Serena and Dan

His eyes gleam with tear as he says, “I love you, too, Beatrice.”

There’s so much fear.


The Aloha Shai Network

A network dedicated to our spiritual sister Shai

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•Ends on August 21
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•People that will make you smile
•People that admire Shai just as much as you do
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